Volunteer Conduct

1) Your role at polling day is to answer any FAQ's referring to the policy talking points and provide people with Kerryn's how-to-vote card with the key message 'Vote 1 Kerryn Phelps and number all of the boxes through to 16)

2) If you can't answer a more complex question please direct the question to your booth captain

3) We're all representing Kerryn in all that we do as volunteers. Don't enter into political debates or conversations with other parties or candidates that take you away from your primary responsibilities

4) If approached by media for comment please direct to me (I will provide to our media team)

5) If you're with Kerryn during a media conference or filming please remove your hat and sunglasses.  Oh and a big smile!

6) On Social Media, don't enter into political debates.  Best approach is to LIKE and SHARE the approved posts on Kerryn's Facebook and Twitter profiles.  You can help best by sharing photos of you in your purple shirt volunteering (tag @drkerrynwentworth on Instagram)

Walk away from any confrontations and remember to always take the high road.