Dr Kerryn Phelps AM - Your voice of reason for Wentworth

I’ve been a local doctor in Wentworth for almost 20 years.  And as a City of Sydney Councillor, Former Deputy Lord Mayor, and former Federal President of the Australian Medical Association, I have extensive experience working in business, health and social justice advocacy at all levels of Government. 

In my professional life, I have always taken a common sense approach to solving even the most complex problems. If you decide you want me to be your representative in Federal Parliament, I will be a strong voice for you in Canberra.

I care about:

• A secure future for Medicare and better delivery of health services

• Protecting our environment, including real action on climate change

• We must maintain an independent ABC free from political interference

• Encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting small business

• Protecting your investments and superannuation

• Fast-tracking investment in renewable energy

• Social justice and inclusion

• Secular government

• Humane treatment of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island

• I believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to bring an end to Live Sheep Exports

And I promise to behave like I have always done, with decency and respect for the people I represent.



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