Dr Kerryn Phelps AM MP

Last October the voters in the Wentworth electorate decided they wanted to be a force for change and demand politics be done differently. They were sick of petty party politics and frustrated by inconsistent poor policy decisions being controlled by vested interests. That is why you voted for me.

I have only been in Parliament for a short time, but I am proud of my record and what I have achieved. I have operated in Canberra with conviction and integrity and I know that independents do improve the national political conversation. I have delivered on my promises to the people of Wentworth.

My political platform is firmly set in the sensible centre - I am economically sensible and socially progressive, guided by the needs and voices of our electorate and our nation, not major party ideologies.

Wentworth is a unique and proud electorate. We are regarded as social leaders, thought leaders and drivers of change, and our new political independence strengthens our ability to forge a stronger future together.